Submitting a bulletin for approval

Now that you've scheduled your bulletin, you're ready to copy it over to all the screens to which you'd like to publish it.

To do this, navigate to the Unapproved tab.

Click on the Copy icon under your bulletin. The Copy icon looks like two overlapping documents.

With Copy now highlighted, select all the screens (called Zones) you'd like to publish to, from the right-hand column.

If you want your bulletin displayed at all three campuses, simply select the "All campuses" option, and for all Burnaby screens select "All Burnaby screens". You only need to copy your bulletin to multiple specific area screens if you are only targeting a few screens on campus.

Your bulletin will be approved within two business days. 

If you'd like to double-check that you've correctly copied your bulletin over to other screens, select the screens (called Zones) from the upper drop-down menu, and look under the Unapproved tab in each.