We have developed a series of downloadable Microsoft Word worksheets to guide you in communication planning. Download and use each of them as needed.


Are you writing a communication strategy for your department or for a large initiative? Use this communication strategy worksheet. If you're working on a short-term project, choose the quick project communication strategy worksheet.

communication strategy worksheet


Keep your department apprised of your communication activities with the activity worksheet.

Activity worksheet


Once you've launched your campaign or project, measure its success with our metrics and measurement worksheet and summarize it with our project communications strategy.

Metrics and measurement worksheet

Social media

Get clear about your goals, objectives, key messages and channel governance with the social media strategy worksheet.

Social media strategy worksheet

Key messaging

Learn how to craft messaging for maximum audience impact with the messaging worksheet.

Messaging worksheet

Website or app development

Before developing a website or app, get a sense of your goals, objectives, audiences and tactics with the website and app development worksheet.

website and app development worksheet

Project management

Set your project up for sucess by identifying which members of your team are responsible, accountable, consulted or informed about various components by using a simple R.A.C.I. sheet.

R.A.C.I. sheet