Partners and collaborating agencies

Positive Outlook Program, Vancouver Native Health Society


The Positive Outlook Program is a part of the Vancouver Native Health Society.  We provide care, treatment, and support services to over 1,500 people living with HIV/AIDS on the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver.   The Positive Outlook Program model includes an approach that addresses the physical, spiritual, traditional, mental, and emotional needs of a person who is living with HIV/AIDS.  We have a strong emphasis on working with the First Nation’s population and a key to the success of our program is a deep respect for individual cultural beliefs and values. 

We have a flexible approach to care that recognizes the complexity of individual client needs.  The Positive Outlook Program offers daily nursing care, outreach services, drug and alcohol counselling, social work services, maximally assisted medication therapy, meals, a weekly food bank, and a rent supplement program.  We strive for our model to bridge the gaps between hospital, community and the multitude of specialized services within Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in order to provide the best care possible for our clientele.

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