A significant and deliberate evaluation process is embedded into the Literacy Lives project so that we can learn from our experiences and strengthen our approaches. The full model and all tools (including the curriculum) will be available for free to anyone in the community once the pilot is completed.

The project’s final narrative evaluation report will be made available here. Some of the things we hope to explore include:


  • What are learners’ perceptions of their own capacities? How do they change?
  • How are learners’ levels of inspiration and feelings that they can make a difference in their communities impacted?
  • How does the “seamless” integration of Literacy and Essential Skills into Community Capacity Building curriculum work for learners? For partners? For the instructor?
  • Do learners’ Literacy and Essential Skills levels change? In what ways?
  • How effective is the pedagogy for this group of learners? (According to the learners? The instructor? The tutors? The community coordinators?)


  • Have individual perceptions/positions of partner/collaborator staff shifted over the course of the project? How?
  • Do the different types of collaborating organizations affect project outcomes? How?
  • How important are previous connections with an organization to learner commitment? If a learner has no previous connections are they just as likely to stay in the program? Do they require more help/support? Less?
  • How has the role of community liaison impacted the perception of the project in the community? How has it strengthened partnerships and collaborations? Has there been any negative impact?
  • Were learners adequately and consistently supported by coordinators? By the instructor and tutors? By SFU staff?