CCB Homework - Week 23

February 24, 2012

On Monday we had our third (and penultimate) training workshop with Tasha Riley.

In class this week Jo asked everyone to bring in a one-paragraph project summary and an image, to be used for the foam-board posters that will be on display at graduation. This week's small classes were also the deadline for handing in all project budgets and receipts.

Most of your class time this week was dedicated to developing your digital story projects, beginning with Shantel's amazingly awesome "how-to" video about digital storytelling. You can watch it again and again on YouTube or right here:

After giving a standing ovation, we moved on to reading Shantel's thorough Windows Movie Maker How-To. Several of you actually recorded your narration with Jo, so you're ready to go!

Some of you worked on scanning images and saving them to your memory sticks. My information sheet on how to use the scanner is here; it also contains instructions for using a memory stick with Mac computers (because the scanning station uses a Mac). A separate sheet of instructions for using them with Microsoft Windows is here.

For homework, Jo has asked you to bring in all of the evaluation data (questionaires, etc. that you planned and collected). Next week, we will work on evaluating project results, and have a mini-workshop on using Movie Maker.

Personally, i'm sorry to have missed seeing most of you this week due to my absence. I'm really looking forward to seeing your work. Have a great weekend.


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