CCB Homework - Week 24

March 01, 2012

On Monday, we had our fourth and final Educate to Empower workshop, in which we studied art from the HIV/AIDS movement and made our own body maps. The art you produced was profound and beautiful! Thanks for all of the inspiration you generated. This activity was followed by a presentation of certificates to everyone who attended at least two of the sessions. Congratulations on your certification as HIV/AIDS educators!

In class, we evaluated our community projects by finishing sentences such as

  • The evaluation information we gathered about the community project tells me...
  • What I learned about working with people/communities through doing a community project was...
  • What I learned about myself from doing a community project was...
  • If I did a similar community project again, next time I would...

Then we had a work block to chip away at our digital story projects. Learners polished their scripts, recorded their narrations, scanned their images, and began working in Windows Movie Maker. The digital stories will be due at the end of class (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) next week. If you'd like a hand completing your digital story outside of classtime, Ryan and I are always happy to help.

Keep up the amazing work, as we enter the final sprint of the program!


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