CCB Homework - Week 25

March 09, 2012

On Monday, we had an all-star roster of guest speakers. Tuan Luu, a street nurse in the DTES, shared how he uses his love of photography, and specifically portraiture, to build community and improve public health. Brad Cran and Gillian Jerome (from Hope in Shadows) disrupted images of the DTES found in mainstream media with photographs of the same community taken by its residents. Then DTES poet laureate Bud Osborn spoke of his personal experiences using poetry as a form of activism. It was a riveting afternoon!

In our smaller classes, you put the finishing touches on your digital stories, which were due at the end of class. The films you've created run the spectrum of humourous, profound, solemn and uplifting. Watching them at your upcoming graduation ceremony will be one of the highlights of the program for me! That, and seeing your faces as you get your well-deserved certificates.

We have one more week left together and I'm looking forward to making the most of it with you!


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