CCB Homework - Week 11

November 22, 2011

In week eleven, we focused on budgeting for community projects.  We broke up the day and kept focused by having energizers at three different points in the afternoon--you, the learners, put forward your suggestions and decided what energizers we should do.  It was fun!

And guess what?  The budgeting itself was actually quite satisfying, with lots of people saying that it really helped them to think through their project ideas in detail.

We went over some of the key concepts and words used in budgeting.  We looked through an example of a budget and kind of dissected it together so that, instead of a blur of lines and numbers, it became a story that we could read with different key parts that describe the resources fueling the project.

Click here to see the slides we used in class to help our discussion on budgeting.

We worked in small groups to organize the resources we need for the community projects (the expenses) and the resources we might have for the community projects (the revenue) into a more formal budget format (click here to see the form we filled out).  This week we were just doing a rough, first-go at the budget and we'll keep polishing it up in the next couple weeks.  At the end of the class, everyone shared their budget so far so that we could learn from each other.

Exciting to see the projects be so grounded and carefully thought through.

~Jo Lemay

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