Guest Presentations

The CCB Program is enriched by presentations and workshops by a wide variety of guests addressing diverse subject matter. During the pilot, the guests listed below made contributions. Where possible (and with permission) we have included presentation slides and as well as videos.

September 19: Working with Others

Douglas Cave

September 26: History of Local HIV Activism

Liz Evans

Irene Goldstone

Jesse Brown

Marcie Summers

Wayne Robert

Christine Gillespie and Tomiye Ishida

September 27: HIV Timeline

William Booth

October 3: Ethics and Protocols

Caitlin Johnston

October 17: Global HIV Projects

William Booth

Jean Nsengiyumva

October 24: Social Determinants of Health

Evan Adams

Octover 31: Basics of HIV

Todd Sakikabara

November 7: Community-Based Research

Terry Howard

November 14: Anti-Oppression

Iris Yong Pearson and Lydia Luk

November 21: Photo Voice

Surita Parashar

Pieter de Vos

November 28: Systems of Power and Community Social Change

Micheal Vonn

December 12: Creating Solidarity Within Diversity

Parm Poonia

Byron Cruz

Ethel Whitty

Beth Davies

Carolyn Neapole

January 9: Art & HIV Activism

Tikko Kerr

Judith Marcuse

January 16: Gender, Sexuality and Social Determinants of Health

Devon McFarlane

Tasha Nijjar

Ryan Clayton

Wayne Robert

Fin Gareau

January 23: Harm Reduction

Mark Hayden

Ciro Panessa

January 30: Leadership

Kath Webster

Marc Seguin

February 6, 13, 20 & 27: Educate to Empower / Training the Trainers

Tasha Riley (and volunteers)

March 6: Words, Photos and HIV Activism

Tuan Luu

Brad Cran & Gillian Jerome

Bud Osborn