Inoka Jayaweera


Community Engagement Associate

I provide support for community engagement events and programs for the Office of Community Engagement. I am responsible for recruiting, training, and recognizing student volunteers in community programs, representing the University by acting as a coordinator for community programs hosted in partnership with SFU, organizing and participating in community-engagement events and programs on campus and in the community, and conducting program evaluation for the development of community engagement activities. My main task is to ensure that SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre programs and activities (like Racing Readers (virtual)Media Minds (virtual), and others!) are implemented successfully in collaboration with community partners. 

Why community engagement matters to me:

I believe that being able to create authentic community engagement is about holding spaces within our communities where Indigenous stories are not only heard, but also valued. For me, community engagement is learning to be flexible and adaptable, especially as we navigate a world where uncertainty is at its highest peak and hope can be seen as fading away into the shadows. I see community engagement as creating safe spaces where our vulnerabilities can be expressed and where individuals feel inspired by others to collaborate and share ideas with one another. I believe that there are several different ways that one can think about community engagement and that the ways in which we use this term help shape us in being one of Canada's leading engaged universities.