Community Engagement

Community engagement at SFU: what's working well, and what isn't?

January 28 – February 7, share your candid, critical and constructive thoughts on the following question: “Community engagement at SFU: what’s working well, and what isn’t?” Whether or not you’re currently involved in community engagement activities, we want to hear from you about what more SFU can do to foster a culture that nurtures and supports a shared commitment to community engagement across SFU. Your thoughts would be incredibly valuable to this discussion.


Get involved


Tell us how to improve your partnership experience or apply for seed funding for an impact project – there are lots of ways you can get involved.

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Faculty and staff practitioners

Explore ways to guide how we can support you better, build better recognition for exemplary work, and apply for seed funding for partnership development. 

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Community partners

We simply can't do this work without you. Learn about how we're holding ourselves accountable and discover opportunities to partner with amazing people at SFU.

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There are lots of ways to get involved with Community Engagement at SFU. From taking part in funding programs to support a community partnership to providing feedback on SFU's Strategic Community Engagement Plan, your involvemnet is crucial to our success!

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