The Professional Master's Program in Computer Science (Big Data) has successfully graduated four student intakes. We caught up with some of our former students to see what the future holds for them in the field of big data and how the program prepared them for their careers ahead. Click on an image to learn more.

"We are already surrounded by unimaginable amounts of data and we are not slowing down.  The big leap forward will come when extracting information from this data becomes commonplace among every business."

Walther Maciel, Class of 2017 | Software Engineer (Recommendations Team), Tableau, Vancouver, B.C.

"Throughout the program, we had the opportunity to work on multiple projects under different professors. I most appreciated that we were encouraged to choose our own topics for our projects."

Venkatesh Angalakurichi, Class of 2017 | Data Scientist, Scotiabank, Toronto, O.N.

"I was teaching computing science...I had the opportunity to consider new options for my future and felt the Big Data program at SFU was exactly what I needed to inject a new and exciting challenge into my life."

Margaret Dulat, Class of 2016 | Senior Software Developer, D2L, Richmond, B.C.    

"By taking co-op, I was given the opportunities not only to learn and evaluate multiple big data ideas, but also the ability to choose the solution that fit."  

Yongyi Wu, Class of 2016 | PHP Web Developer, FuturePay, Victoria, B.C.

"The Health Information Management department of Providence Health Care is getting ready in terms of infrastructure to be able to get useful insights from the growing volume and variety of health data. I am excited to see myself in realizing efficiency for patient care in British Columbia."

Uzma Ali, Class of 2017 | Business Intelligence Analyst / ETL Developer, Providence Health Care, Vancouver, B.C.

The Co-op program provides an opportunity to understand what the industry is working on, which further helps in learning and tailoring the skills necessary to be a professional in this domain.

Bikramdeep Singh, Class of 2017 | Senior Engineer, Here Technologies, Burnaby, B.C.

"It provided me with the foundational knowledge of data engineering and analysis, along with the practical skills through hands-on experience."  

Honto Ming, Class of 2016 |
Data Scientist, Hootsuite, Vancouver, B.C.    

"The two main reasons that I made the decision to apply to the Big Data program are: 1) broad application of machine learning/distributed computing in the future, 2) compact program (less than two years) which includes one or more co-op term(s)."  

Xiao Yu (Linda) Jia, Class of 2016 | Software Engineer, Machine Learning Team, Splunk, Vancouver, B.C.

"The program gave me a chance to learn cutting-edge technology both in practical terms and in theory.  This gave me a foot in the door in the big data field. Jobs in this field seem to require an uncommon mix of skills which the program introduces us to."

Loong Chan, Class of 2017 | Data Scientist, Phemi Systems, Vancouver, B.C.

"After some years of working as a software developer, I felt the time was right to learn more advanced topics that align with the future of technology. Exciting developments were happening in data science and machine learning, and SFU was the leading university offering a specialized degree in that area."

Siddharth Baronia, Class of 2017 | Cloud Infrastructure Developer, SAP, Vancouver, B.C.

"The courses offered were very competitive. Also the lab sessions helped a lot in providing a hands-on experience with the cutting-edge technologies."  

Shruthi Narayan, Class of 2016 | Software Developer, Visier, Vancouver, B.C.

"I want to combine expertise in both software development and data analytics, and help organizations to make better strategical decisions."  

Siyong Zhu, Class of 2016 | Big Data Developer, Irdeto Canada Corporation, Ottawa, O.N.  

"I see myself making a significant impact in various industries using big data and its various applications. From moving large amounts of data within the enterprise to applying analytics and machine learning to data at scale, I see a bright future for myself in the big data realm.

Abhinav Sood, Class of 2017 | Data Scientist, Scotiabank, Toronto, O.N.

"For someone who did not have an undergrad in computing sciences, the Big Data master's program's strong computing science focus, along with hands-on labs, has given me the confidence to take on technical big data development roles."  

Shailesh Radhakrishnan, Class of 2016 | Software Developer (Big Data Team), SAP, Vancouver, B.C. 

"I was a software engineer and already had a master's in electronic computer engineering. I love dealing with data and was very interested in machine learning; thus I decided to come to SFU."  

Weipu Zhao, Class of 2016 | Data scientist, Phemi Systems, Vancouver, B.C. 

"The program gave me hands-on experience on many big data technologies that, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to work with in such a short period of time."  

Ankit Patel, Class of 2016 | Data scientist, BuildDirect, Vancouver, B.C.    


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