Please click here for the Spring 2019 lab schedule.

The professional master's lab is located in ASB 10928, which is part of SFU’s Big Data Hub. This room is dedicated to supporting the professional master’s program from September through April. Formal lectures, labs, and office hours are booked and held in this room.  In addition to these formal bookings, we encourage you to make extensive use of the computers and GPUs, and the room itself to collaborate, work on projects, and study.  The computers are dual-booting Windows and Ubuntu. 

KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative, will occasionally host data-intensive workshops and hackathons in ASB 10928. All visual computing master's students are invited to participate in these events and collaborate with others across disciplines. Advanced notice of these events will be provided, and any KEY events held will not conflict with visual computing classes. During these times, you have access to the Computing Science Instructional labs (CSIL) on the 9000 level of ASB as an alternate work space with computers. Additional meeting  and study space may also be made available during any longer events.


Visual computing students can run their memory intensive, CPU intensive, or long-term applications on a special server dedicated to the visual computing master's program: Its software setup is similar to CSIL and students can login remotely (note ssh is to port 24). The server has generous resources allocated, and /home resides on the cloud, so you have more space for VirtualBox images and other software.

Please refrain from using the less powerful general use csil-cpu[1-6] servers for your memory intensive, CPU intensive, long-term running programs. 

Questions and problems should be sent to with details of the error or issues.


All visual computing students have access to CSIL as well as all the same resources any undergraduate computing science students can access. On some CSIL resources, visual computing students receive more storage than is shown in the CSIL FAQs.

Please note that the CSIL Linux home space is not intended for storage of your work files. Rather, it is meant for storing the profile information needed for your Linux environment. Do not store your work on the CSIL Linux /home.


Contact with questions about or problems with:

  • door access
  • the computers in the lab
  • the big data server
  • CSIL

Contact the Big Data Hub at with questions about:

  • the lab space itself (e.g. furniture, temperature control, etc.)
  • the lunch room
  • printing