Completion of Degree Requirements

A credential completion letter is a letter confirming the successful completion of all academic requirements for your program.  

If you are a Computing Science graduate student who is defending in the current semester, who is making travel plans, and who requires a completion letter to apply for a work permit, please note the following:  

  • your thesis must be submitted to the library prior to the deadline
  • final grades must be posted for th term (due on the libray submission date)
  • your senior supervisor, your graduate program chair, and your faculty's graduate studies chair must have signed the Recommendation for Award of Degree form and the form must be forwarded tot he Office Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows

You may go to your Student Centre ( ) and print your own completion letter if all of the above requirements have been met and your degree is approved.

This can be done using the following instructions:

In the Academics section, there is a drop-down menu that starts with 'other academic....' Select 'Credential Completion Letter' from the drop down menu and follow the instructions.  For completion letters, the above three criteria are needed before a letter can be generated:

See step by step guide here:

Any request to expedite the completion process is not guaranteed.  Please consider these restrictions in obtaining the completion letter before making your travel plans.

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