Student Life

Are you getting the most out of life at SFU?

Want to make sure your time at SFU is as rewarding as possible? Below are some resources to help you succeed in all of your endeavours, including completing your degree, building your resume, making friends and staying healthy.  Don’t forget, you can always speak to an advisor for more guidance.

Just arrived? Here is some help for new students: Information for new undergraduates

Getting to class

The School offers courses at all three SFU campuses which are all accessible by transit. Bookmark the links below and never be late or get lost.

Places to study

Each campus has well known and not so well known spots for studying on your own or in groups. Browse the links below to find your perfect study space or book a group room.

Succeed in your studies

We want you to succeed in your studies, below are just a few of the resources available to our students:

Get involved, build contacts, and make friends

It’s easy to get caught up I your students and forget about the many social opportunities available to you through Computing Science and SFU.  Join one of the School’s three student groups that will help you round out your education by creating networking opportunities and building lifelong friendships from all over the world.

Computing Science Student Society (CSSS)

Provides support to get you through your studies and helps make university fun. CSSS hosts frosh week, end of semester socials, ski trips, weekly movies and pizza, UNIX tutorials, and job fairs  throughout each academic year.

Women in Computing Science Society (WICS)

Promotes networking and support among female students and professors with a mentoring program for new students, an informative speaker series, and fun events including bowling nights, group hikes and mentor lunches.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 

The School assembles three teams each fall to compete in regional competitions in the Pacific Northwest . By training and competing, team members improve their problem solving and programming skills and increase their marketability upon degree completion.

Here are a few more resources to help you get more from your student years.

Plan for career success

Your degree is just the start. The next few years are also a great opportunity to make you as marketable as possible to future employers, by helping you build contacts and improve your “soft” workplace skills. Here are some resources to help you along the way.

Stay healthy in body and mind

As a student, there can be a lot going on and staying healthy is vital to succeeding academically and enjoying your time at SFU. Below are some key resources and contacts to provide practical advice or just a friendly support when you need it.

Resources for living

If you need help with finding a place to live or need financial assistance, advice is available.