Meet your Peer Tutors

FALL 2020 Team

Elmira Azizi

I am a senior computing science student with a background in mechanical engineering. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge through my courses at SFU, but also as a QA analyst at Clevest, and a Software Developer at the CDM, I hope my knowledge and experiences can be of help!

Rashid Barket

I am a 4th year student who is almost done the mathematics and computer science joint major. I want to do a masters program in big data/statistical machine learning so I can work towards becoming a data scientist. I have done two co-ops as a data analyst now at two separate companies. I have been teaching for awhile now as I used to work at Kumon and am also currently a swim-instructor.

Kassymkhan Bekbolatov

My name is Kasym, I am a 5th year computer science student. I am proficient in Python, Java. I like skiing and soccer.

Jenny Bui

Hello friends, this is Jenny. I'm currently a 3rd year student in Computing Science. My hobbies are painting and photography. Nice to meet you!

Travis Chan

Travis is a third year Computer Science Student. His favourite classes are CMPT 276 and CMPT 295. He is active on the CSSS Discord server and a passionate Canucks fan.

Henry Fang

Senior Peer Tutor

My name is Henry, and I am majoring in Computer Science. This will be my third term doing CS Peer Tutor Program. I really enjoy helping students if they get into trouble while coding because I have had the same time before. Happy coding!

Nargis Ghiasi

Hi my name is Nargis, I am a third year undergraduate student at SFU. I am in the Information Systems in Business Administration and Computer Science Joint Major. I love listening to music (no specific genre just whatever sounds good) and when I have the time I really do enjoy baking. This is my second time peer tutoring and hope to help out students with their questions virtually. I hope to be a good support and create a comfortable learning environment during these hard times.

Shreya Jain

A computer science undergrad at Simon Fraser University who is highly interested in coding, math, music, travelling and literature! An aspiring researcher in Artificial Intelligence who would also like to author a book someday. An international student who is presently exploring food in Vancouver.

Shaneil Kapadia

Hi my name is Shaneil! I am a Computing Science student in my Third Year. Outside of school I enjoy making Android Apps, playing Sports like Basketball and Tennis as well as listening to different genres of music.

Shresth Kapila

I am Shresth Kapila in my 3rd year SFU, major in Computing Science and minor in Mathematics. Inquisitive, energetic computer science student with a strong foundation in mathematics, logic, and coding. Seeking to leverage exemplary analytical skills, and coding skills. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Arpit Kaur

A 3rd year BSc student at SFU pursuing a major in Computing Science and a minor in Mathematics along with a background in Software development. Worked as a web developer with WIL at Simon Fraser University. Assisted other students with academics as a peer educator in Fraser International College.

Fatemeh Kiannejad

Senior Peer Tutor

Yunlong Li

Justin Lin

My name is Justin and I am in my second year of SFU. I am happy to answer any questions but I will not be doing your assignments for you. I hope that the people I help continue to complete a Computer Science Degree because it is a very interesting field of study with a lot of differing career paths.

Reece McGowan

I am a 3rd year student in the MACM program. I have peer tutored for a few semesters now and have come to enjoy it immensely. I hope to help many more of my fellow students in the coming semesters!

Chi Nguyen

I'm Chi, a fourth year Computer Science student concentrating in Data Analysis. I've had experiences with programming languages such as C, C++, Python


Helen Pham

I am currently a second year intending to major in Data Science at Simon Fraser University. My goal is to help students understand materials better to perform better, especially to motivate females to be more confident in coding.

Jasleen Phangara

I'm a third year undergraduate student pursuing a joint honours in mathematics and computing science with a minor in statistics. In my free time I like to read modern literature, write code to solve fun problems, and volunteer as an EAL peer educator. As a CS peer tutor, I hope that my time is spent creating a supportive and engaging environment for students to learn.

Wei Qiu

4th year CS student. I recently did one co-op.

Zaid Rauf

Hi! My name is Zaid Rauf and I am a joint major in Business and Computing Science. In terms of my interests, I really enjoy working with lower level systems and hope I can pursue a career working with low level/high performance systems. I have also always enjoyed being able to help assist people in learning difficult concepts, so being a peer tutor seemed like a natural fit for me. I hope to use what I learned last semester as a peer tutor to be even more helpful this semester.

Shiva Sanei

Shiva is a 4th year Computing Science student who passionately hates online classes. She's friendly and always happy to help so don't be afraid to drop by one her sections to say hi!

Manav Sharma

My name is Manav Sharma, a 2nd Year computing science student double Major in Maths. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have, not only related to courses but also your degree complications. Hope my experiences will help you alot.

Hyungtae Shim

I am an actuarial science major(statistics), and interested in computer science. I will try my best to help you with your questions and assignments

Arshbeer Singh

#include <sfu>
using namespace std;
struct peerTutor {
    string name;
    string AKA;
    string majors;
int main() {
    struct peerTutor arshBeer= {"Arshbeer Singh", "Lord of the Beers", "MACM"};

Nicholas Tan

Hi, I’m a third/fourth year computer science student! Still looking for an area of study, dabbling in a bit of speedrunning as a hobby!

Ryan Tio

Hi, I am a 3rd year CMPT student with a particular interest in programming and graphics. I have completed all the CMPT courses up to and including CMPT 225, and have knowledge of C, C++, and Python.


Usama Naeem Toor

My name is Usama Naeem Toor. I am a 3rd-year Economics student, currently pursuing Statistics Minor as well. I did CMPT120 in Fall 2019 and since then, my interest in programming has increased immensely. I loved using Python and since then, I love finding new things about it and its more efficient utilization.


Tony Trieu

Hi, I'm Tony. I'm here to help you to tackle homework challenges. I'll assist you throughout the problems and develop native strategies to solve them even if you have no prior experience in coding. All success comes from constant learning and practicing!


Jacky Tse

My name is Jacky and I am a fourth year computer science student majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. I am currently spending some of my free time developing video games. Other than programming related stuff, I really enjoy the outdoors. This summer, I have summited the West Lions peak via the Binkert trail, and I also made roughly ¾ of the way up on the Golden Ears trails.


Aashish Vichare

Student at Simon Fraser University. I enjoy coding ,problem solving and am very fascinated by AI. I love making projects in my spare time. I have created a few apps on android and am working on a website as of now. My favorite coding quote is, “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler.

Alex Wan

My name is Alex and I am in my last term of studying at SFU with a major in Computing Science as well as a minor in Interactive Arts & Technology. I am passionate about teaching programming and designing to fellow students. I have been working as a software engineer for more than two years and I am now working on some game projects in my leisure time.

Matthew Jonathan Max Winailan

Aspiring Computer Scientist. Loves games and football.

Justin Yan

Justin is a second year Computing Science student whose ambitions are way too high. He is a former executive of the Computing Science Student Society and frequents the common room and CSSS discord server to interact with other people. He values connections and meeting new people, so feel free to drop in and say hi!

Danny Yu

3rd year Computer Engineering student. Trying to maintain a normal sleep schedule during these trying times :(. Like good vibes.

Chang Yun

As of right now, just your average third year Computer Science. Not much to say really. I like to golf, play games, and looking at fancy custom mechanical keyboards.

Jiahui Zhou

I am a computer science major and IAT minor student who is currently doing my last semester. I worked for IBM as a coop student and helped to make a bunch of online classes about Python and Python libraries. I hope I can help more students to learn programming, and at the same time I can improve my communication skill.