Pavol Hell

Professor, School of Computing Science


pavol at cs dot sfu dot ca
SFU Burnaby, TASC 9011
Personal webpage:


Ph.D., University of Montreal, Canada, 1973
M.Sc., McMaster University, Canada, 1970
B.Sc., Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 1968

Research interests

  • Algorithmic graph theory
  • Complexity of algorithms
  • Combinatorics of networks

Teaching Interests

  • Graph algorithms
  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Discrete optimization

Recently taught courses

  • CMPT 307 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CMPT 814 Algorithmic Graph Theory
  • MACM 101 Discrete Mathematics
  • MACM 300 Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata with Applications


  • T. Feder, P. Hell and S. Nekooei Rizi,
    Obstructions to partitions of chordal graphs,
    accepted in Discrete Math.
  • T. Feder, P. Hell, J. Huang, and A. Rafiey,
    Interval graphs, adjusted interval digraphs, and reflexive list
    homomorphisms, Discrete Applied Math. 160 (2012) 697 -- 707.
  • P. Hell and A. Rafiey, The dichotomy of list homomorphisms for digraphs,
    in Proceedings of the Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
    SODA 2011, pp. 1703 -- 1713.
  • T. Feder, P. Hell, P. Johnsson, A. Krokhin, and G. Nordh,
    Retractions to pseudoforests,
    SIAM J. Discrete Math. 24 (2010) 101 -- 112.
  • P. Hell and J. Nesetril,
    Colouring, constraint satisfaction, and complexity,
    Computer Science Review 2 (2008) 143--163.