GRaphics, Usability, and VIsualization (GRUVI) Lab

We are an inter-disciplinary team of researchers exploring and developing novel methods in Computer Graphics, Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction and using these methods in a variety of applications. Current areas of focus include Visualization, Geometric Modeling and Processing, Medical Imaging, Usability, and Haptic Interfaces.

The lab was first founded in 1992 by Professor Tom Calvert whose work in human animation led to the now famous LifeForms software and the startup firm Credo Inc. Today, we have a modern infrastructure, supported through two Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grants and a recent NSERC Research Tools and Instruments grant. Several NSERC Strategic Project Grants, along with other grants provided by NSERC, MITACS, and Precarn, secure the funding of our students. We collaborate with industry (in particular a number of local gaming companies) and researchers from across the globe. One of the industrial internships carried out by members of the lab had won an Award of Excellence from MITACS, the funding agency. While you will find many of our alumni all across the private sector in the lower mainland, some of our best graduates are now professors at the University of Victoria and the University of Florida.

  • Visually Enhanced Exploration of High-Dimensional Data
  • Spectral Methods for Mesh Processing and Analysis
  • Experimental Design Space Explorer
  • Fast Medical Reconstruction Techniques for Optimal Sampling Lattices
  • Haptic Interaction Techniques
  • Supporting Fluent Interaction
  • Structural shape segmentation and correspondence
  • Surface reconstruction and curve skeleton construction over incomplete point data

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