CMPT 120 or 126/128 Self-Test

This test will help you determine whether you should register in CMPT 120 or 126. See the end each part for information about how to interpret your results.

Interpreting Your Results

For the "Programming" part of the evaluation, hopefully you already know if the programs you wrote are correct. If you're not sure, you should try some more examples to check your program's output. You must correctly answer five out of six questions.

For the "Knowledge" part, have a look at the solutions and determine the number of questions you got correct. You must correctly answer four out of eight questions.

You may enroll into either CMPT 120 or one of 126 or 128, regardless of how many questions you completed correctly. Previous computer science knowledge is assumed in either CMPT 126 or 128 and the material in either 126 or 128 will be covered much faster than in the CMPT 120 and 125 course combination. Whether you choose to enroll into 120 or one of 126 or 128 should depend on how well prepared you consider yourself to be.