Co-operative Work Experience

Think you can wait until after you graduate to gain work experience? Think again. Many employers prefer to hire recent grads with experience. Here are some ways in which you can benefit from the co-op work experience program:

  • apply your classroom knowledge to practical situations
  • gain a better understanding of your course work
  • increase your competitiveness in the marketplace
  • build a strong application for graduate studies
  • work locally, nationally, and internationally!

Did you know that over 85% of our co-op students find employment with one of their co-op employers within 3 months of graduation?

Making it simple! Here's what's offered to accommodate you:

  • work terms available year-round (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • 24/7 online resources
  • workshops and seminars on professional development
  • Co-op advisors to help you along the way!

For co-op information for students and employers, click here.

Computing Science Co-op FAQs

How do I join Computing Science Co-op?

We do recommend you apply no later than 2 semesters prior to your first intended work term.  You will need a term to prepare for seeking - complete Bridging Online 1 (BOL1) and three co-op workshops - and a term to seek for a co-op placement.  Prior to your first co-op placement, you need to have completed 45 unit hours, and CMPT 275 (Burnaby majors) or CMPT 276 (Software Systems majors) should be completed or in progress.  If you are not sure that you meet these requirements, pleas contact Computing Science co-op for advice.

Plan early! To complete the co-op program, students need to complete at least 3 co-op terms.  Also, you need to complete your degree on an academic term.

How much will I earn?

Have the opportunity to graduate with up to 20 months (5 terms) of work experience with a wide variety of employers.  The salary ranges from $2200/month (junior co-op students) up to $3500/month (senior co-op students).

Where are the jobs located?

Located in a major technology center, the Metro Vancouver area is home to local and international companies in finance, software development, telecommunications, gaming, bioinformatics and many more.

CMPT co-op students have complete work terms in: Vancouver, across Canada, the USA, Japan, France, Austria, the UK, China, Taiwan, Korea, Chile, etc.

Can I do Co-op if I'm an international student?

Yes, but you need to complete necessary steps to obtain a work permit. Please contact your co-op coordinator for more information.

Where are some of our students working?


Business Objects

Electronic Arts Canada



BC Cancer Research Agency


Government Services


Some skills employers look for:


C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, SQL, PHP, Perl, Shell Scripts, Visual C++, C#

Operating Systems:

MS DOS, NT, UNIX, Linux, PC, Mac, Windows 98/2k/XP/2000+


MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, Apache, SQL Server


FTP, TCP/IP Netware (NOVELL), LAN Manager (IBM), LAN Manager (UNIX)

Internet, Graphics, Multimedia:

XML, .Net, ASP, HTML, Flash, Python, Photoshop, SoundEdit, Premiere, InDesign, Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Live Motion, Maya, FireWorks, BB Edit, Soft Image, Dreamweaver

Personal skills:

Teamwork, time managment, problems solving, and communication skills

Note: every position is different and students are not expected to know all of these applications.

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