Certificate in Computing Studies

The Certificate program provides both part-time and full-time students an opportunity to obtain an understanding of the fundamentals of computers and programming without necessarily specializing in Computing Science.

Courses in the program provide background in computers, which are becoming increasingly important as tools in all areas of intellectual endeavor. Students who complete the certificate program may choose to go on and proceed towards one of our other undergraduate options.

In most cases students complete a Certificate in conjunction with another program of study at SFU.

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The Certificate requires completion of 25-28 units of required course work and electives, as follows:

Lower Division Requirements (16-19 units)

Required Courses (all courses 16-19 credits)

CMPT 120-3 & CMPT 125-3*

Introduction to Computing Science and Programming I & II*

(OR CMPT 126)*

Introduction to Computing Science and Programming*

CMPT 150-3

Introduction to Computer Design

CMPT 225

Data Structures and Programming

One of:


CMPT 275

Software Engineering

CMPT 276

Introduction to Software Engineering

One of:


MACM 101

Discrete Mathematics I

MATH 240

Linear Algebra

STAT 270

Introduction to Probability and Statistics

* Students with a strong programming background may take CMPT 126 instead of the CMPT 120 and 125 course combination. To aid in assessing your choice, please complete the Self-Evaluation Test prior to registration.


Elective Courses (6 units)

Any two of:

CMPT 110

Event-Driven Programming in Visual Basic

CMPT 165

Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet

CMPT 212

Object oriented Applications Design in C++

Upper Division Requirements (3units)

Required Course


One CMPT course at the 3-400 level


Students need to obtain a CGPA (Cumulative GPA), UDGPA (Upper Division GPA), and a CMPT GPA of 2.00 or better in order to complete the Certificate Program. Only courses taken at SFU are used in this calculation.

Graduation Planning Form


* Faculty of Applied Science Requirements: At least 14 units of CMPT courses required for this program must be completed at Simon Fraser University. The upper division course must be completed at SFU.



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