Student Life

SFU is a multicultural campus that welcomes students from around the world to our campuses! SFU is a medium-sized school, which means it has all the facilities you would expect from a university, but is also small enough to make it easy to meet people and make friends.

Our Computing Science Student Society (CSSS) provides plenty of support to get you through your courses and to make university fun!

Ski trips, weekly movies and pizza, UNIX tutorials, and job fairs are among the community-building and career-building activities brought to you by our CSSS. Join your fellow students in the CSSS common room for conversation, cheap pop, or a game of pool.

WICS is the Women in Computing Science Society, which promotes networking and support among women at all levels in CS with a new-student mentoring program, a speaker series, fun events like bowling nights, group hikes, and more!

Useful Links:

Academic Enhancement Program This is a collaborative program between the School of Computing Science and the Student Learning Commons at Simon Fraser University. It aims to help students succeed in their university studies by incorporating learning activities within the course timetables of core first-year Computing Science courses and providing further resources.

Student Services Find information on how to use the Student Information System and find answers to questions about financial aid, careers, health and residence.

Student Learning Commons (SLC) is available at all three SFU campuses. The SLC is where you can get help with: writing your term papers, using library services, finding more effective exam strategies and study habits, and more.