Computing Science Graduate Co-op Program

All Computing Science graduate students are eligible to apply and participate in up to 3 Co-op work terms. Depending on which program you are enrolled in, you may be eligible to receive academic credit. Interested students and employers, please contact theGraduate Co-op Coordinator or Paula Scott, Big Data Co-op Coordinator. 

Graduate Co-op Approval Forms and Guidelines are available by contacting the Co-op Coordinator.

Important - View the Timeline for Grad Co-op Participation:

What is the process to participate in the co-op program?

  • Please apply 2 semesters before your intended work term. New graduate students should apply in their first semester. 
  • The subsequent semesters should alternate academic semesters with Co-op work terms. 
  • Graduate students may join Co-op at any point of their studies although students must finish their program on an academic semester.

I did co-op as an undergraduate student. Do I have to pay the application fee again?

Yes. Since the student is now in a different program, they have to pay the same fee as other students in that program.

Can a co-op student be a TA and work in a co-op term at the same time?

No. Since funding can be limited, students are unable to access both of these options in the same semester, even if the co-op term is on campus.

Are PhD students permitted to do multiple co-op terms?

Yes, as long as they obtain approval from their faculty supervisor.

Can I do a co-op term in the same semester that I am scheduled to defend my thesis?

No. Student must complete their program on an academic semester and commit their full attention to defending their thesis in their last semester.

If I am a thesis or PhD student, do I need to pay my per term fee along with my co-op fee?

No. When you secure a co-op position, you only need to pay the co-op tuition fee.

What grade will I receive for the co-op course?

Students will receive an "S" for Satisfactory or a "U" for Unsatisfactory. In cases where the student's work report doesn't meet the required standards, they may be given an extension to complete it.


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