Spring 2019 Courses by Subtitle

Narratives of Encounter and Survival
Literary Classics in English - ENGL 111W D100, S. McCall

Doubling Down on the Classics
Literary Classics in English - ENGL 111W J100, N. Flagel

The Fiction of Contact
Literature Now - ENGL 112W D100, D. Chariandy

The World in Culture
Literature and Culture - ENGL 115W D100, C. Lesjak

Taking the Measure of Poetry
Metrics and Prosody - ENGL 212 D100, N. Didicher

Shakespearean Decisions
Late Shakespeare - ENGL 313 D100, T. Kehler

Publication in the Victorian Period
Studies in Victorian Literature - ENGL 330 D100, K. Sharren

The Thirties
Studies in Twentieth Century British Literature before 1945 - ENGL 340 D100, M.A. Gillies

Magic Realism & The Gothic in Canadian Literature after 1920
Studies in Canadian Literature since 1920 - ENGL 357 E100, J. Whatley

Art, Culture and the Politics of Representation
Literary Criticism: History, Theory, and Practice - ENGL 364 E100, C. Lesjak

The Practice of Fiction
Creative Writing II: Fiction - ENGL 374 E100, D. Chariandy

Fighting Words: Shaping Controversy and Consensus in Discourse
Studies in Rhetoric - ENGL 375 D100, P. Cramer

"The Ancient Grudge": Early Modern Revenge
Topics in Early English Drama - ENGL 407W D100, T. Kehler

The Victorians and their Money
Topics in the Victorian Period - ENGL 434W E100, M. McGregor

Studies in Modernism: Katherine Mansfield and Her Circle
Topics in Modernism - ENGL 438W D100, M.A. Gillies

Narrating Terror
Topics in British Literature Post 1945 - ENGL 440W D100, S. Brook

The Cold War in Asia: Asian American and Asian Canadian Responses
Topics in Asian North American Literature - ENGL 457W D100, C. Kim

The End of Persuasion?
Topics in Rhetoric - ENGL 475W D100, S. Zwagerman