FHS Seminar Series - Economic impacts of risk-based cancer control

by Dr. Sonya Cressman, Health Economist, BC Cancer Research Centre

June 21, 2018

Event Type

Seminar Series


June 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm


Blusson Hall, Room 11021


The use of risk-based methods for incidence prediction and outcome prognostication has improved the way cancer is prevented, detected, treated and survived.  Our knowledge of the systems-level and economic impacts associated with risk-based cancer control however, remain highly speculative. In this seminar presentation, I will share the economic research findings from a multi-investigator study on high-risk selection for lung cancer screening, one of the most impactful cancer interventions available.   The economic impact of risk prognostication, in the context of cancer treatment, will be exemplified from my work with a team of genome scientists to develop a diagnostic test for Acute Myeloid leukemia to inform life or death treatment decisions.  The use of risk-based measures to optimize program planning for cancer survivorship care will then be discussed as part of current and ongoing work with investigators at SFU and BC Cancer.


Dr. Sonya Cressman is a Health Economist at the BC Cancer Research Centre and a staff member of the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control. She obtained an MBA at SFU and a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests focus on cancer risk and equitable access. Currently, she leads research projects in economics aimed at evaluating genomic and other risk-stratified approaches to cancer control. Sonya pursues research that is embedded within healthcare systems with a focus on understanding and representing the impact of risk-based medicine in economic evaluation.  Her work has supported clinical translation of genomic tests developed at BC Cancer, and she has been part of international consortia on the use of risk scores to select participants for lung cancer screening. A common theme throughout Sonya’s career has been aimed at characterizing outcomes for individuals with adverse risk, including the study of patient-reported quality of life and financial disparity.

 * This Seminar Series is open to the SFU Research Community.  

* This seminar maybe webcast and recorded.

*  A light lunch will be available at this seminar.  

* The FHS Research Seminar Series is an Accredited Small Group Learning by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.