Accounts Payable

Desposit/Cheque Run

Desposit/Cheque Run

Monday & Wednesday, Employee Business Travel Expense Claim Direct Deposit (EFT)
Thursday EFT direct deposit, $CAD Cheque + $USD Cheque
Vendor Selection Procurement

Awards & Financial Aid (

Awards & Financial Aid (


R 50.03 – Postdoctoral Fellows Policy
Moving Allowance & Relocation Expense A 21.02 – Relocation Expenses for Tenure Track Faculty
Summary Chart of Treatment of Payments Payment Guidelines

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Hours:  Monday - Friday
Weekends & Holidays: Closed

Travel and Expense Claims Assistance
Help Line: 778-782-7087

Vendor and Supplier Assistance

If you need assistance, visit Contact Us or phone us (778) 782-8008