Project Archive

Community Safety Officer (CSO) Project

In July 2009, the CSO pilot project was reviewed in partnership with the ā€œEā€ Division CSO Implementation Management Team and ICURS. The progress review was a concerted effort to locate documentation and consultation of primary stakeholders regarding the CSO pilot project, a holistic approach. The CSO Pilot Project was launched in collaboration with the Client Service Enhancement Project (CSEP) by the RCMP, where consultations identified the need to provide contract partner communities with flexible models of service delivery featuring increased client focus. Four pilot detachments, Surrey, Langley, Ridge Meadows and Prince George were identified on the basis of location, community needs, detachment operational features and the willingness to participate. With reassurance policing at its focus, the CSO pilot project is expected to provide client driven service enhancement and police capacity enhancement, and one such example is increasing community satisfaction, trust and confidence in policing. Four recommendations were provided towards the assessment, management of risk and capacity to the project.

Homelessness Models

ICURS is working jointly with the SFU Modeling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) program and with the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia, the Coquitlam Detachment of the RCMP and other relevant stakeholders to explore merging of knowledge about homelessness and associated needs to address possible policy positions, strategies and service provision. ICURS and MoCSSy are developing a System Dynamics model to be used by the group in exploring alternatives.

Integrated Justice System (IJS)

ICURS works with the complex modeling group at IRMAC to develop an integrated justice system model for police, courts and corrections in BC. The group developed an Integrated Justice System (IJS) using Dynamic Systems. The model explores how trends and changes in one part of justice system influence operations in other parts.

Repeat Offenders Pilot Project Studies

ICURS is assisting RCMP "E" Division with the evaluation of a reassurance policing pilot being implemented in British Columbia.