NYC Internship Opportunity

April 29, 2014

Summer internships can usually be counted on to provide fantastic opportunities for life lessons and career choices. But 4th year student Manpreet Bagga knew she had hit the jackpot when she was offered an internship with the legendary investment bank, Goldman Sachs in New York city this summer.

Manpreet excitedy reports “I'll be working as an investment banking summer analyst in the healthcare group; which means that I'll be supporting the team in advising healthcare corporations on strategic decision-making process from a financial standpoint.”

Sounds fitting for the joint MBB/Business student with an extended minor in Economics who always had a passion for biotechnology.

She credits her parents for teaching her to work hard and take responsibility for herself.  “My father runs a successful business that he started from the ground up, which instilled in me the ideologies of working hard and knowing that almost nothing is impossible. My mother, on the other hand, has been a constant source of strength for me, she has taught me to make my own way without telling me exactly what I should do with my life; having that freedom from the very beginning has definitely made me accountable towards the outcome of every decision I make.”

Manpreet chose to study at SFU based on the advantages of the joint program and says, “I'm glad I made that decision because it offered me the flexibility of taking my career in either direction and I strongly believe that this program has given me a much broader skill set than any other program could have. For example, I started out being more interested in marketing for healthcare companies,until I realized that my true passion lay in working with numbers."

Manpreet was chosen from among a select group of those invited to fly to New York to interview with Goldman Sachs with only a day’s notice.  Her 10-week internship will give her a taste of what it is like to play in the big leagues and to sample the Big Apple. Says Manpreet, “This internship is going to be an exciting experience. I'm looking forward to working with some of the smartest and most talented people on Wall Street. Apart from that, I'll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of New York for the very first time.”