Biohazard Signage

What are they?

A biohazard symbol is required on a door plaque if the room is designated as containment level 2 or greater. 

How do I obtain one?

Contact the Biosafety Officer to obtain these signs. In addition to the chemical hazard signage that provides the investigator’s name and emergency telephone numbers, all containment level 2 and 3 facilities at SFU must display a biohazard sign. 

What is a "wet mopping" sign?

For rooms with a biohazard or radioactive sign, wet mopping will only be provided if it has been pre-arranged for a designated night, and if the wet-mop sign is displayed on your door that night. By displaying the wet-mop sign, you are ensuring the cleaning staff that there are no biohazardous or radioactive contaminants on your floor. On your designated night of each two-week period, the cleaning staff will check your door plaque for the wet-mop sign. If no wet-mop sign is displayed, the cleaning staff will skip your lab until the next two-week period.

Other biosafety signs inside a laboratory

All biohazard waste containers and biosafety cabinets must have a biosafety sign.