Biosafety Training

The Environmental Health and Research Safety Department conducts Laboratory Safety Training for new researchers, graduate students and technicians at the beginning of each semester in January, May and September. This training consists of five sessions:

  • General Laboratory Safety (e.g., emergency preparedness, OH&S policy)
  • Chemical Safety (e.g., WHMIS, door signage)
  • Fire Safety
  • Biosafety
  • Chemical Spill Response.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that each person under their direction is trained and understands the hazards associated with their work and how to protect themselves.  This training must be documented, so that you can see what training students and staff have attended.  A Lab Safety Orientation Checklist is available for Supervisors to aide in documenting the training of new staff and students who will be working in their labs.


Work Requiring Training

Examples of a researcher’s work that would require training may include biosafety techniques, exposure routes, waste disinfection, biohazard spill response, autoclave bags and sharps containers, biosafety cabinets, autoclaving, working with animals, chemical biosafety, pathogen importation, biosafety policy and procedures, and radioactive biohazards. Biosafety training offered each semester may cover some of the areas pertaining to an individual’s work. 

Supervisors' Responsibilities

The supervisor must cover all areas not addressed during the lab safety training or not understood by the employee. Training in TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) may be required, particularly if field research is conducted.  For more information regarding supervisor responsibilities please visit the EHRS Training and Orientation page.

Biosafety Training for Principal Investigators

A Biosafety Training module for Principal Investigators has been implemented.  This training module and associated quiz is available online through Canvas.  Completion of this training module and quiz is mandatory for all PIs who hold biosafety permits.  You will be asked to complete the training module and quiz when you renew your existing biosafety permit or apply for a new biosafety permit.   

The training module will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete.  You can access the Biosafety Training module and associated quiz here:


A Laboratory Safety Manual which documents the information provided in training, is distributed to all training participants.

Please contact EHRS for upcoming training dates.