Laboratory Safety Training Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Laboratory Safety Training FAQ. If you do not see your question answered here, please use the form below to submit your question.

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When and where is training?

Please check the calendar widget above for times and locations.

What is covered in each course?


  • SFU Safety Orientation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety & Extinguisher Training


  • Safety Responsibility at SFU
  • Laboartory Hazards
  • Emergency Response
  • Exposure Routes and Controls
  • Storage & Disposal of Hazardous Material
  • SFU Hazard Inventory System
  • SFU Door Sign Program
  • Laboratory Apparatus Safety
  • Cryogenics & Compressed Gas Safety


  • Regulatory Framework
  • SFU Biosafety Administrative System & Policies
  • Practical Aspects of Biosafety


  • Laboratory Safety Inspection
  • Proper use and maintenance of fume hoods
  • Contamination arising during benchwork
  • High-pressure gas cylinder safety
  • Spill response

I didn't receive a confirmation email. Can you confirm my registration?

If you believe your registration for a lecture course was unsuccessful, please come to the lecture at the regular start time to speak with EHS staff. You will still be able to attend and receive credit for the training course.

For the limited-capacity Laboratory Safety Practical and Fire Extinguisher Training sessions, you must register using the Calendar feature in Canvas. There are no confirmation emails but you will be able to see that your attendance is confirmed in the appointment time slot on your Canvas calendar.

How do I register for a Laboratory Safety Practical or Extinguisher Training session?

Once you have registered for a course at you will receive an email invitation to join the online Canvas course. If you have not received this invitation within a few days of registering, please use the form at the bottom of this page to notify the administrator. Make sure to check your spam folder.

When you have joined the Canvas course, navigate to the Canvas Calendar to view appointment slots available for Laboratory Safety Practical and Fire Extinguisher Training sessions. If you do not book an appointment slot to attend a session, you will not be able to pass the course.


I can't attend lab safety training this semester. What should i do?

All new laboratory workers must complete the checklists provided below with their supervisor. If you cannot attend training before beginning work in a laboratory, your supervisor is responsible for covering the material in Section A of the Lab Safety Orientation Checklist. Plan to attend the next offering of Laboratory Safety Training at the beginning of the following semester. Do not submit the completed forms to EHS. They are to be kept on record by the supervisor.

I have a class at the same time as training. Is it okay if I show up late?

No, you must show up on time and be present for the entire class to receive credit. The sign-in sheets will be removed fifteen minutes after the start of the lecture. If you have not signed in, you will not receive credit. If you were late and could not sign in, please refer to the question above.

I registered for Fire Safety Training last semester but didn't get extinguisher training. Do I have to take Safety Essentials again?

No. You will be added to the student list on the Laboratory Safety Training course and sent a reminder to book a fire extinguisher training session. If you completed the online poriton last semester, once you complete fire extinguisher training, you will receive your Fire Safety Training certificate.

Laboratory Safety Training course names have changed. Do I have to complete all of the new courses again or is my old training still valid?

You do not have to attend the new courses if your previous training is still valid. Check the training matrix for training frequency requirements by course.

Safety Essentials is replacing General Laboratory Safety AND Fire Safety

Laboratory Safety is replacing Chemical Safety

Laboratory Safety Practical is replacing Hands-on Chemical Safety