Entrance Scholarships and Awards

Information for New SFU Entrance Scholarships Winners

Maintaining your offer

Question: What final admission average/IB Diploma score must I maintain in order to keep my scholarship offer?

You must maintain scholarship standing on your final grades for those courses used to calculate your admission average. Scholarship standing refers to the average or final IB Diploma score originally required to get the entrance scholarship offer. Email fiassist@sfu.ca if you have a question about the final average needed to maintain your award.

Final scholarship averages you need to maintain in order to receive your first payment in your first term:

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Summer 2014 - minimum 95%
Fall 2014 - minimum 95%

IB Academic Excellence Scholarship

Summer 2014 - minimum 34 IB points
Fall 2014 - minimum 34 IB points

Major Entrance Scholarships: Simon Fraser, Alumni Leadership, Shrum, Tadeusz Specht, Lloyd Carr Harris, Dean's Excellence Scholarships

minimum 90% high school average or 31 IB points

Lohn, HY Louie, City of Surrey, Aboriginal, Community Entrance, SFU Surrey Entrance, Entrance Bursaries

minimum 80% high school average

Kenneth Mackenzie Entrance Scholarship

minimum 90% high school average

Mona F. East Entrance Scholarship highest standing from Similkameen Secondary School
Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Entrance Scholarship academic merit decided by the Rotary Club of Vancouver
W.Ron Heath Entrance Scholarship minimum 31 IB points
SFU Africa Entrance Scholarship minimum 90% or 31 IB points

SFU India scholarship

minimum 95% or 34 IB points

Ken Caple, International Summit Transfer, and University transfer scholarships

minimum 3.70 transfer average

William Hamilton Transfer Scholarship minimum 3.50 transfer average
Aboriginal Transfer Scholarship minimum 2.50 transfer average or successful completion of the SFU Aboriginal Preparation Program
Columbia College Alumnus Entrance Scholarship minimum 3.00 transfer average
Phi Theta Kappa International Transfer Scholarship minimum 3.75 transfer average

For information on eligibility requirements for your 2nd term onwards, please visit the Entrance Scholarship Regulations page.

For any scholarships not listed above, or questions about the final average needed to keep your scholarship or award, please email fiassist@sfu.ca.

Unit Requirements

You must be enrolled in 12 units throughout the SFU term in order to receive your scholarship funds. If you drop below 12 units after having received any installment, the funds will be reversed from your student account. It is very important you do not drop any courses midway through the term.

If you enroll in fewer than 12 units, your first scholarship installment will automatically be deferred, however, your academic performance on any SFU work attempted will be considered for future scholarship eligibility.

How does a GPA of 3.0 and 3.5 translate to percentages?

You could roughly equate a 3.0 GPA to about 73% and a 3.5 GPA to about 80% (assuming a passing grade is 50%).

Is it common for people to lose their scholarship?

Most students have success in redeeming all of their installments. We encourage students who foresee a problem meeting the requirements to come in and see a Financial Aid and Awards Advisor - we’re here to help you. Please see our Contact Us website for drop-in times or email: fiassist@sfu.ca.


Entrance scholarship students have priority enrollment access for as long as you hold your SFU entrance scholarship. Please see our guide to enrolling in classes.


As an entrance scholarship recipient studying at the Burnaby or Surrey campus, you have access to a parking pass in your first term. Your name and student number will automatically be forwarded to the Parking Services department. Please note: you will still be required to apply for a parking pass.

Parking passes from the Burnaby campus do not work at the Surrey campus and vice versa. You can only get one parking pass for one campus. Scholarship students at the SFU Burnaby campus can get a Burnaby parking pass, and only SFU Surrey students can get a parking pass at Surrey.

Check Parking Services for the cost of a parking pass at the SFU Burnaby campus. You can buy your pass at the Burnaby campus parking office from August 1 to September 16 for the fall term. Bring a copy of your acceptance letter, some picture ID, and your vehicle information. 

See this page for information on parking at the SFU Surrey campus. Parking improperly in any areas of the Surrey campus (even if you have a pass) will be subject to tickets and fines. You must enter your name in the online parking lottery application to provide information about your vehicle. You must enter the lottery every term. Parking is managed by Diamond Parking and not SFU. (You can only get an SFU Surrey parking pass if you are enrolled in an SFU Surrey program such as TechOne.)

Parking passes for students who entered their information online will be available for pick up from the Registrar and Information Services office at the Surrey campus as of the first day of Fall classes.  Vancouver campus students, see this page.


We offer priority access to residence in the Fall term for scholarship students who meet all applicable deadline dates. You should apply for residence by February 28th if you are starting in the Fall term. Residence deadline dates are specified at Residence and Housing.

Entrance Scholarship Disbursements


Scholarship funds are usually divided into a given number of installments. You can have a look at your Entrance Scholarship Offer or Terms of Reference agreement to review your scholarship’s disbursement schedule.


The scholarship funds are disbursed directly into your student account at the end of the second week of classes as long as you meet scholarship eligibility requirements in terms of unit hours and CGPA requirements. This funding is applied to any outstanding balance in your account at the time. Therefore, if you have outstanding tuition fee charges, scholarship funds will automatically be applied towards them. You will be responsible for ensuring the balance owing is paid prior to the payment deadline. Late fees are only charged on the balance remaining after the scholarship disbursement has been applied to the charges in your account.


Money left over will be refunded to students, usually after the sixth week of classes. You may pick up refund cheques at the Registrar and Information Services counter in the Maggie Benston building at the Burnaby campus. Cheques will not be mailed to you.

There are no stipulations on how you use left over SFU entrance scholarship monies, however refund cheques are not issued until midway through the second month of classes.

External Resources

Tuition Waiver

You will still receive your entrance scholarship funds even if you have a tuition waiver. As usual, the balance of any entrance scholarship monies will be refunded to you in the form of a cheque in the sixth week of classes.

Passport to Education

Bring your Passport to Education, along with picture ID, to the Registrar and Information Services counter in the Maggie Benston Centre at the Burnaby campus. The funds will be deposited directly into your student account and, like your SFU entrance scholarship, applied to any outstanding charges in your account (such as tuition, student fees, residence, etc.). If there is a positive balance owing to you, this will be available via a refund cheque in the sixth week of classes. You must pick this up at Registrar and Information Services.

Provincial Scholarships

If you have won a provincial scholarship, you should have a provincial scholarship certificate. Bring this, along with picture ID, to the Registrar and Information Services counter. Be sure that the Social Insurance Number and address listed on the certificate is correct.

SFU will submit the certificate to the Ministry of Education on your behalf. After approximately eight weeks from the start of classes, the Ministry will send the scholarship cheque directly to your home.

The only provincial scholarship that differs from this is the Canadian Millennium Foundation which sends the cheque to SFU instead of the student’s address. Recipients of this scholarship may pick up their scholarship cheque from the General Inquiries counter in the second week of classes.

Multiple Scholarships and Awards

If you have been offered two SFU entrance scholarships, you will only get the one with the higher value. Students may have entrance bursaries and awards in addition to entrance scholarships.

As for private awards or bursaries, the organizations donating the funds may have stipulations regarding the number or amount of entrance scholarships you can hold. SFU will allow you to hold as many private entrance scholarships and/or bursaries as you are able to garner. It is best to check with the sponsoring organizations for specific criteria they may require.

More information

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  • enrolling in classes
  • paying your tuition fees
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