Learning technology

iClicker and Canvas integration

Integration with SFU’s self-hosted Canvas platform

You can choose to use Canvas Integration to automatically download the roster from Canvas to iGrader and for students to register their devices in Canvas. You can set up the integration with the following instructions:

or by contacting Christina Drabik (cdrabik@sfu.ca) for assistance.

iclicker 6.x integration with Canvas

The integration between Canvas and iClicker passes student data to iClicker servers that are located outside of SFU. For that reason the use of integration requires students to give consent in order to comply with B.C’s FIPPA (privacy) legislation. Windows 10 is not compatible with iClicker 6.x software.

iClicker 7 integration with Canvas

Full integration is currently not available with iClicker 7. However, it is possible to download your gradebook from Canvas and reformat it to create the roster file. For further information, please contact Christina Drabik (cdrabik@sfu.ca).

iClicker 6 and 7 without Canvas Integration

If instructors choose not to use Canvas Integration, students can register their hardware clickers directly on www.iclicker.com in keeping with the FIPPA compliance protocol outlined at the bottom of this page. Instructors will need to manually upload and download rosters to and from Canvas. Please see instructions on How to sync rosters manually. (Also available: How to sync rosters using Windows.)

Mobile polling

“If the course requires the use of iClickers to collect in-class responses from students, the easiest way for most students to register their iClickers is via the iClicker website at www.iclicker.com. All response data is stored locally on the instructor’s equipment, but until iClicker and SFU sign a privacy schedule, consent forms will be required. Registration with the iClicker website is a transaction between the student and iClicker. Please use your SFU computing ID (e.g., doej for someone with e-mail doej@sfu.ca) to identify yourself. Do not use the student number. Any student with a concern about using the iClicker registration service must inform the instructor in ample time to make other arrangements for registering the student’s iClicker.”

September 30, 2016