World Literature Course Offerings

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Course Outlines

World Literature courses cover a variety of literatures and topics. Scroll down on this page for course descriptions.

No courses offered

Fall 2014

WL 100-3 Introduction to World Literature: Journeys into Dilemma and Discovery
WL 100-3 BBY Introduction to World Literature
WL 102-3 BBY Literature Across Cultures: Migration and Diaspora in Literature and Film
WL 103W-3 Pre-Modern World Literature: Love
WL 200-3 Literary Analysis and Interpretation
WL 203-3 BBY
Selected Genres in World Literature: Life Writing 
WL 305W-4 Poets and Sages: On the Ineffable
WL 310-3 BBY Litterature, nationalisme et transnationalisme
WL 330-4 Special Topic in World Literature: Creative Writing - Writing for the Stage
WL 404W-4 Literature and Translation
WL 410-4 HCC Selected Topic in World Literature: Latin American Literature

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