Artland Versus Sculpture Park: Choices Facing Public Art

October 01, 2009

Charles Jencks is an influential architectural theorist, landscape architect and designer whose name is synonymous with the concept of the Post-modern in architecture. He was the first to extend those ideas into architectural discourse with his book 'The Language of Post-Modern Architecture.'

This lecture, his first in Vancouver, was on public art, which has moved beyond individual statuary in the city to become, in some cases, more meaningful and contextual. Several movements since the 1960s, such as Land Art, show these interests. Today sculpture parks and multiple installations are proliferating around the globe, with over 140 sculpture parks in Britain. But these departures have created another crisis, where art in the park has becoming the parking lot of art. The Artland, where landscape and its laws are given parity with the work of art, not necessarily sculpture, is the result, a genre often unified by a common thread, a single patron or artist, or an overarching vision.

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