Sticks, Carrots and Tambourines: Actively Learning from Copenhagen's Transport Successes, Part I

June 04, 2012

Andreas Røhl, Bicycle Program Manager, City of Copenhagen, and Cycling Specialist, Urban Systems Ltd.
Sponsored by Urban Systems Ltd., Translink, City of Vancouver, SFU Continuing Studies (City Program), and Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia.

Sticks, Carrots and Tambourines — The Presentation

Andreas Røhl describes his experience as the City of Copenhagen's Bicycle Programme manager. Andreas manages Copenhagen’s Bicycle Programme and recently joined Urban Systems Ltd. for a temporary term in their Metro Vancouver office. He is participating in a range of active transportation projects throughout Western Canada, including the development of an Active Transportation Master Plan for the City of Vancouver.

With the City of Copenhagen, Andreas focused on bicycle policies and strategies to improve conditions for cycling, and recently led the completion of the Copenhagen’s Cycling Strategy as well as the City’s Design Guidelines to Great Cycle Roads. In addition to his in-depth knowledge of cycling infrastructure, Andreas has extensive experience with cost-benfit analysis, cycling education, and promotional campaigns.

Sticks, Carrots and Tambourines — Dale Bracewell presentation

Sticks, Carrots and Tambourines - Panel Discussion

Question and Answer

Introduction by Brian Patterson, Urban Systems Ltd.