Vanessa Cowley

As a second-generation SFU graduate, Vanessa has a long history with the University and has been a fan of the work of Philosophers' Café before she started working here. Prior to joining the department as program assistant and occasional moderator, Vanessa worked for the SFU Archives department preserving our institutional stories. She also worked at the Metro Vancouver Parks Department as a heritage interpreter sharing stories about our parks and natural history, and at the Vancouver Aquarium where she told stories about our coastal marine life. It seems telling stories is a common thread.

Work pays the bills, but travel fulfulls the soul. Vanessa has lived and worked and studied in Australia and the U.K. and has always enjoyed opportunities to connect with globally minded citizens wherever she goes. She has a particular passion for migration stories: how did you come from where you were to where you are now? The journey is always fascinating.