B2B Metrics: Measuring the Impact and ROI of Campaigns

This course focuses on the planning required to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) for B2B marketing campaigns. Aligning to corporate KPIs (key performance indicators), as well as developing clear objectives and metrics in advance to measure the results, is a key component of ensuring the deliverables of multi-channel digital campaigns are planned in order to achieve continuous improvement.

This course will examine current trends in B2B marketing campaign ROI. You’ll learn best practices for developing a marketing campaign brief that includes objectives, metrics and ROI calculation. The course will show you how to develop a measurement philosophy framework starting with goals, objectives, KPIs and ROI estimates that are significant, yet simple to share with internal stakeholders. You’ll establish a B2B metrics strategy that includes what data to track as well as when and how to measure it. We’ll also take a detailed look at metrics specific to B2B communications.

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Online - Karen Mitchell $780.00 30 Register

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What will I learn?

This course will cover the following:

  • Researching and providing examples of B2B corporate KPIs
  • Creating your own marketing campaign brief by creating a marketing goal that supports specific corporate KPIs, which are in turn reflected in campaign objectives and a campaign revenue goal
  • Understanding how campaign metrics are tied to goals, KPIs and objectives
  • Understanding the importance of scheduled checkpoints to your continuous improvement
  • Creating your own marketing campaign brief by determining metrics to track and how they will be measured, as well as scheduling checkpoints
  • Understanding how marketing ROI is calculated
  • Determining differences between the traditional B2B marketing ROI calculations and those used for B2B digital marketing campaigns
  • Including ROI in your own marketing campaign brief
  • Investigating the impact of big data on marketing ROI
  • Understanding the importance of the marketing campaign debrief process
  • Creating your own marketing campaign brief by adding post-campaign debrief content

How will I learn?

  • Readings
  • Research assignments
  • Online discussions
  • Assignments
    • Source examples of B2B corporate KPIs
    • Define the marketing goal, objectives and revenue goal for a B2B marketing campaign
    • Develop metrics 
    • Add checkpoints 
    • Determine ROI calculation 
    • Identify ROI metrics for digital channels
    • Create a B2B post-marketing campaign debrief

How will I be evaluated?

  • Online participation 23%
  • Assignments 77%

Learning materials

  • Online class discussions
  • Research assignments
  • Developing the components of a B2B marketing campaign brief

Hardware and software requirements 

We deliver this course using SFU's online course management system, Canvas. You will receive course details and Canvas access instructions on the first day of the course. You can check if your browser is compatible with Canvas here.

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