Boost Your Productivity - Get More Done and Enjoy Less Stress

Do you feel swamped with all your work? Are you tired of not having enough time for your most important tasks? Do you wish you could block out all the distractions and interruptions?

All this constant noise and busyness has a negative effect on your life. You risk losing business opportunities, future promotions, and even personal relationships. When you can’t manage time properly, it affects your health and your ability to earn.

Scott Friesen’s clients have felt this pain. They know what it feels like to be drowning in projects and to have jam-packed calendars. But they’ve learned simple and powerful methods to not only stay on top of their work but thrive in some of the most hectic industries.

You can do the same old thing and keep feeling stressed about your workload. Or you can learn the techniques which have helped thousands of professionals get more done and enjoy their workday at the same time.

What past participants are saying:

“I can hardly wait to try everything!”

“Excellent tangible and actionable ideas. I’m leaving with 5 key action items.”

“His suggestions are just what I’ve been looking for!”

“I highly recommend him, you won't be disappointed.”

Bring your laptop or tablet to take advantage of the topics covered during the day.

This course is available at the following time(s) and location(s):

Campus Session(s) Instructor(s) Cost Seats available  
Surrey 1 Scott Friesen $166.95 40 Register

What will I learn?

Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced professional, this workshop will show you:

  • How to reduce distractions so you can focus on your most important work
  • How to create a powerful system so you know exactly what to work on next
  • How to overcome email overload so you can spend half as much time in your inbox
  • How to develop a weekly routine so you can focus on your biggest goals
  • How to select the best tools and apps so you can perform at your productive best


Scott Friesen

Scott Friesen is not too busy. He’s productive. There’s a difference. Scott is the founder of Simpletivity, where in his role as a productivity consultant he helps clients become more focused and confident about how they spend their time at work. His past experience in teaching and public speaking has allowed him to pursue his passion for enhancing performance and encouraging personal growth. Previously, he developed IT solutions and oversaw global corporate training and talent development for 3,000 employees worldwide at Vancouver software company ACTIVE Network. Scott has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Simon Fraser University.