Introduction to Visual Analytics

If you have just been introduced to the term visual analytics (VA), you should participate in this boot camp. It will provide a solid foundation for anyone not familiar with VA, including an introduction to visual analytics and its role in decision-making and knowledge discovery.

We will show how you can use VA to create interactive visual displays from large, heterogeneous data sets. We'll also look at real-world examples and watch videos and interactive demos of visual analysis.

Currently not available for registration.


Jean-Sebastien Mercier

Jean-Sebastien Mercier is the managing director of the Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics (VIVA).

Before joining VIVA in 2011, his career spanned 15 years in professional information-technology roles, with a focus on software development, data mining, analysis and start-ups. His solid industry experience and knowledge of academic research provide a practical and applied perspective on visual analytics.


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