Six Divas

6 - Wed, 9:30–11:20 am, Oct 19–Nov 23
SCFC640-VA1117 | Room 1800 | Fee: $104

Diva is an ancient Greek work to describe a goddess. In recent years it is used to describe prima donnas on the opera stage as well as pop music. This course examines the talents and temperaments (mostly the talents) of Anna Moffo, Montserrat Caballe, Carmen McRae, Anita O'Day, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. Join Neil Ritchie for 6 divas in the true sense of the word.

Diva has some negative connotations, and these artists were all demanding because they wanted to give audiences the very best night after night. The pressure to excel is enormous and diva-like tactics were often called for.

The divas are:

  1. Anna Moffo — An American soprano whose singing was as beautiful as she was.
  2. Montserrat Caballe — A Spanish soprano with a voice so exquisite and etherial that fans overlooked her limited acting skills.
  3. Carmen McRae — a jazz singer-pianist who could turn a lyric into poetry with a voice often likened to a cello.
  4. Anita O'Day — The first great white jazz singer who lived the life and yet lived to 87.
  5. Judy Garland — with limitless talents and demons in her 4' 11" frame.
  6. Barbra Streisand — started singing in clubs, then conquered Broadway, Hollywood and the concert stage showcasing her range as a singer and actress.

Neil Ritchie, a former CBC radio producer, will draw from his vast library of videos and CDs for an entertaining and enlightening look at music icons.

Please note that enrollment in this course is reserved for adults 55+.