Cross-Genre Workshops

***This course is only available to current students in the Writer's Studio. Students need to be pre-approved to take this course. If you have not received an email confirming your eligibility to take this course, do not register.***

Students will spend time with with each mentor in The Writer's Studio. Through exercises and in-class discussion, students will learn about fiction, non-fiction, poetry, genre fiction and writing for young adults.

Format: Each student brings a piece of writing from each genre (2-3 pages, single-sided, double-spaced, 12 point font) to be read out loud to the group. Each reading will be followed by a discussion facilitated by the group leader. Each student will also bring enough printed copies to share with everyone

Please note: This class is an elective in The Writer's Studio program. You need to be part of the program in order to take this course.

Currently not available for registration.

This course is available only as part of The Writer’s Studio.

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