Franc D'Ambrosio

Franc D’Ambrosio is principal of D’Ambrosio architects + Urbanism. He holds degrees in architecture from Ryerson Polytechnic University and the University of British Columbia. He is a member and former councilor of the Architectural Institute of BC, a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, a LEED Accredited Professional, and director of Smart Growth BC.

Franc has been an architect and director of a wide variety of architectural and urban design projects for over 20 years. He is involved in public and private initiatives that propose the integrated design of environmentally responsible architecture, urban land use and planning toward the making of more humane and sustainable towns and cities. The practice has earned numerous awards.

D’Ambrosio’s focus on the design and redevelopment of urban areas and buildings reflects a career-long interest in the history, patterns and co-dependence between the public and private realms, and the complex relationships between community, architecture and the city.