Wahiba Chair

Wahiba Chair is an award-winning digital technologist with over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications including branding, public relations and digital marketing—both in-house and agency side.

At her agency, MediaTouch.ca, she helps companies build and improve their online presence through sustainable, measurable and scalable content and social media strategies.

Chair built her digital skills as the founder of Carrotlines, Canada’s top health and fitness platform. By working closely with targeted partners and sponsors, she increased the mobile and social media community to over 100,000 monthly active members, and catapulted the app to a Top-10 category listing on iTunes.

As a HootSuite ambassador, Chair speaks at conferences such as Social Media Camp and contributes to influential digital outlets such as the Klout Blog and Social Media Today.

A native French speaker with solid familiarity of the Arabic language and cultural norms, Wahiba offers a unique perspective on social media and technology in global markets.

Wahiba has an MBA from Simon Fraser University. Connect with her on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.