Sharon Feigon

Sharon Feigon, a founder of Shared-Use Mobility Center, was previously the CEO of IGO Carsharing, the non-profit organization that started car-sharing in the Chicago region. She was CEO from March 2004 until she and the parent organization, Center for Neighborhood Technology, sold I-Go to Enterprise in May 2013.

Under Feigon’s leadership, IGO grew from a small pilot project into a successful operating company with 15,000 members in 45 neighborhoods. She worked with the Chicago Transit Authority to create the only combined car-share/transit fare card in North America, which continues to serve as a model for the possibilities between shared-use companies and public transit. She led I-Go’s expansion into underserved communities and also developed solar canopies and charging stations that helped introduce renewable charging and mobility hubs to the region.

IGO was more than just car-sharing; its broader mission of creating an integrated and accessible multi-modal transportation system was illustrated further by its legal name, Alternative Transportation for Chicagoland. Feigon founded the Shared-Use Mobility Center to expand on this legacy of industry transformation and innovation.

Prior to taking the helm at IGO, Feigon was the director of research and development at the Center for Neighborhood Technology, where she specialized in innovative, market-based solutions to the problems of urban sprawl. She was the principal investigator for Combating Global Warming Through Sustainable Surface Transportation Policy, a three-year Transportation Research Board project that developed an emissions calculator and policies for improving the environmental footprint of local public transportation.

She holds an MBA from DePaul University and a BA in economics from Antioch College.

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