Willeen Keough

Willeen Keough was born on the eastern edge of the easternmost province, where iron cliff-face meets the roiling waters of the North Atlantic. She is the granddaughter of fishers, and the daughter of a one-room-schoolteacher (later, human rights commissioner) and a cooperative fieldworker/labour newspaper editor (later, cabinet minister), who met when they were working on another west coast, in a resettled community on the Port-au-Port Peninsula. Her own working background has been eclectic. Willeen has been a barmaid, a teacher of music and dance, a researcher/writer, copy-editor, legal assistant, and secondary teacher before settling into academia. She came to Simon Fraser University in 2005 and currently lives in Kitsilano. Willeen is still amazed to find herself in a place where she must face west to see the ocean and north to see the “Southside Hills.”

Previously taught:

  • The Complexities of Conflict: Seditious Fenians and Protestant Gobemouches: Ethno-Religious Tensions in Newfoundland   LIB140
  • “Come Near at Your Peril, Canadian Wolf”: Newfoundland and Confederation   LIB120

Area(s) of instruction: