Paul Rollo

Paul Rollo, BA, MBA, is president of GP Rollo & Associates Ltd., Land Economists. Paul graduated from the University of British Columbia with an MBA (Urban Land Economics) in 1971. Upon graduation, he worked with the Department of Public Works creating a real estate investment analysis system for assessing federal investment in real property. In 1978, Paul formed GP Rollo & Associates, Land Economists to provide real estate consulting services to clients in Western Canada.

As a land economist, Paul provides marketing, investment analysis, property valuation and development strategy services to governments and private sector clients. His expertise include public-private partnerships, computer financial models for real estate investment analysis and formulating development strategies for large scale, mixed use and phased real estate projects. His firm helps government understand the motivations of investors and developers and their reactions to issues of public interest such as:

  • Proposed land use policies, zoning bylaws and other regulations
  • Public private partnership initiatives
  • Buying and developing municipal lands
  • Pursuing sustainable and “green” development
  • The ability to pay development fees and charges, including “amenity contributions”

Paul's understanding of the private sector allows him to identify innovative ways of generating revenue from public sector real property assets and preparing business plans for government pursuing diverse real property investment, development and partnerships.

Paul has taught real estate investment analysis, valuation and real property development strategies for Simon Fraser University, the Real Estate Institute of BC and the Urban Development Institute.

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