Robyn Woodward

Robyn Woodward, PhD, is an adjunct professor of archaelogy at SFU. She is also a trustee and governor of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the vice-president of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

Lecturing on enrichment cruises in Europe and the Caribbean since 1996 has fueled Robyn Woodward’s passion for adventure, art and archaeology. Her degrees include a BA in the history of art from Queen’s University; a B.Sc. in art conservation from University College, Cardiff; an MA in anthropology (nautical archaeology) from Texas A & M; and, finally, her PhD in archaeology from SFU in 2007.

In between degrees, she has worked as an underwater archaeologist at the pirate city of Port Royal, Jamaica, and on other archaeological projects in Jamaica and Turkey.

Previously taught:

  • Northern Europe's Underwater Archaeology (55+)   SCFC863
  • Saturday Forum | Conquest and Plunder: The Real Pirates of the Caribbean  
  • The Archaeology of the Franklin Expedition (55+)   SCFC931
  • Titanic! A Centennial Voyage of Exploration  
  • Under the Sea: Introduction to the Underwater Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean (55+)   SCFC739
  • Underwater Archaeology of Early Modern Naval Vessels (55+)   PLUS154
  • What Researchers Really Do (55+)   SCFC791

Area(s) of instruction: