Career Development

Programs and Courses

If you’re interested in helping people excel in their professional lives, our certificate and diploma programs and professional development workshops will provide the training you need to be a career development practitioner, rehabilitation professional, or occupational health professional.

Career Development Practitioner Training

Career Centre Advising

Specially designed for career centre staff (for example, high school career advisors in British Columbia), this intensive program prepares graduates to facilitate career development programs and provide career development resources for clients.

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Career Coaching Skills

Examine the concept of coaching and its use in career service programs, learn the basic coaching skills such as developing a coaching presence, asking powerful questions, and using multi-perspective approaches. Through role-play and discussion, you will practice and master the three stages of coaching: build trust, build awareness and build the future.

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Career transition workshop 

Beyond Retirement: 10 Success Factors for Living with Purpose, Meaning and Joy

If you are approaching the threshold of retirement, this workshop will provide a 10-factor framework to help you consider how and when to purposefully re-engage rather than simply retire.
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