Mandarin Chinese/English Interpretation and Translation Programs

Welcome to the internationally recognized Chinese/English interpretation and translation training programs at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Our intensive courses give bilingual individuals the practical skills they need to become Mandarin/English translators and/or interpreters in business and other professional settings.

Choose from three different Chinese/English translation and interpretation programs:

Interpretation and Translation Diploma

SFU's eight-month, full-time Chinese/English translation and interpretation program is ideal for fluent bilinguals who want to become certified translators. You'll learn from experienced translators and interpreters and practice your skills every week in authentic North American settings.

Graduates of this program receive recognition from the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia (STIBC).

Legal Interpretation and Translation Certificate

This 10-month, part-time Chinese/English certificate program provides a comprehensive overview of the multi-faceted field of legal interpretation and translation. Academic and professional training combined with hands-on practice will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel as a legal interpreter and translator and meet local industry needs.

Translation Workshop

This 12-week, part-time translation workshop is designed for Mandarin Chinese/English bilinguals who want to pursue careers as freelance translators. This course will also benefit professionals who are responsible for Chinese/English communication in their workplace.

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What do we do on interpreting field trips?

We believe in learning by doing. During regular interpreting field trips, you'll learn specialized, industry-specific vocabulary by translating in a wide range of settings near Vancouver, Canada.

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